Unexpressed feelings.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How is my 2017 going, so far?

Well, everything was routinely good and yezz I still need to fix myself, my sleeping cycle and my financial. I was so excited to explore more on this year, to experience more, and to being more independent as I always wish. Thought of having a cheerful life than before even I slightly felt bitter towards "something" caused by "someone" that I rely & believe on. Ah never mind, not going to elaborate it more that it would burst me into tears. What kind of feelings I have..........so hati tisu to something remeh temeh.

Boom! I bumped into an incident that I think anyone wouldn't want to. Some misunderstood situations happened that affect my mental & my emotion before this mid semester break. Couldn't imagine that I have to face this because of my encouragement. A big war explodes between me & my lecturers! HAHAHAHAHA I don't know why but I just thought that is a funny thang. I could just stand & stare, couldn't explain more [just because I know mulut mulut orang sangat lah tak boleh dipercayai]. Because the circle could be gunting dalam lipatan, duri dalam daging, pisau dalam kain, musuh dalam selimut etc. So I think it's better for me to keep quiet or else other fitnah will burst up.

I could bare this, maybe I slightly cried thinking that I would be tanggang for my teacher but that wasn't what I meant. Hmmm.... just wishing that I still got my respect for them and didn't do anything else to create more scene. Even I knew that it wasn't my fault, I can just barely wear the smile that I still have.

Fit in my shoes, you'll know what I felt.